COVID-19 Policy

It is our highest priority to ensure that staff and customers are protected from risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore we implement the following plan:

Limit up to 5 customers in the store at one time. Individual appointments and curbside service are also available for your safety.  

•  Please pay by credit card or check
•  No cash used at all for now. Checks will be treated as cash and given the discount.
•  Customers asked to wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer before entering the store.
•  Rear entrance will be for employees only.
•  Signs will be posted asking customers to limit themselves to no more than 5 in the store at a time.
•  Knitting bags must be left at the entrance and not brought into the store. 

Additional Modifications to Ensure Social Distancing

•  Tape will be applied to the floor to show preferred traffic patterns to reduce contact and to show 6 foot range around the till and winding table.
•  No face to face classes will be held at this time.
•  As we find willing teachers and Zoom hosts, Zoom classes, KAL, and social gatherings will be held instead.
•  Lawn chairs and a bench will be set up outside with customers expected to monitor their own social distancing if they choose this location to visit with others, sit and knit, or to wait until there is room in the store to shop.
•  Sorry, no in-store “social space” for now; retail space will be focused in the main area of the store for best air circulation.

Please note!

All staff will be instructed in these safety procedures and will wear face masks/shields.

Please continue checking our new website for updates! We plan to increase the possibility of online ordering to increase the long-term financial viability of the store during the COVID-19 pandemic.