Who We Are For Now

Prairie Fiber Arts Center has been an education center and community oriented space for fiber artists of all kinds for the past three years. We all know that this pandemic has been hard, particularly on the "social connecting" part of fiber arts in our lives. But to keep the staff safe and to easily create a safe shopping environment, we are temporarily making some significant changes and hope you will understand and know that supporting us means we will all be able to get through this together safely.

Meet the Prairie Fiber Arts Center Team

Verna Kragnes

Prairie Fiber Arts Center Owner

As someone who is health/immune compromised, I will not be as present in the store as in the past, but am guiding the development of Prairie Fiber Arts from afar.  Plans for the future include a strong non-profit connection with The Arts Partnership.  Look for announcements of additional staff and volunteer positions.

Tracey Klobuchar

Store Manager

Picture and biography coming soon!

Amy Sandager-Lobas

Fiber Arts Sales Associate

Amy Sandager-Lobas is a goldsmith, knitter, and crocheter. She also dabbles in needlepoint and is learning to spin. Amy is especially drawn to combining color and texture in interesting ways, whether that be with gemstones and metal, or with different fibers and colorways. Her favorite (and most complicated) fiber project in the past year has been an all-colorwork knit Norwegian sweater. Amy and her husband, Mark, just relocated to Moorhead after spending four years in California, and are excited to be back home in the Midwest!

Halli Heimbuch

Tech Support/Staff

As a life-long learner, Halli strives to discover new ideas and apply them to her life. She is currently an NDSU student seeking to expand her education in STEM. But alongside her passion for STEM, she has many others. She also enjoys admiring and creating art of many styles and mediums, doing graphic design, conducting ancestry research, and listening to and making music. 
Halli is new to fiber arts but is excited to be a part of the Prairie Fiber Arts Center community and the arts community as a whole!