Prairie Fiber Arts Center Team

Verna Kragnes

Foundress & Artist in Residence Emeritus

As someone who is health/immune compromised, I will not be as present in the store as in the past, but am guiding the development of Prairie Fiber Arts from afar.  

Catherine R. Lundberg


I am a passionate believer in the role fiber arts play in our emotional and mental health. The joy of the colors and textures, planning a project, learning new skills, connecting with other fiber artists can be important tools in mediating the effects of isolation, depression and anxiety. Like many fiber arts enthusiasts, I learned the basics of crochet from my grandmother when I was very young. I continue to explore the art of crochet and have dabbled in tapestry, Tunisian and many other forms. I learned to knit a few years ago, but crochet will always be my favorite craft.

Tracey Klobuchar

Store Manager

Knitting quickly became Tracey’s favorite hobby when she learned. She enjoys exploring new fibers, learning about the sustainability practices in developing yarn, and learning new techniques. Tracey lives in Fargo with her husband, 2 dogs, and cat. She loves spending time at the lake, cooking, gardening, and reading. She also works in the mental health field as a therapist and social worker.

Liz Fevig Hager

Assistant Store Manager

Liz has been knitting for 35 years and is thrilled to be part of the team at PFAC. To be surrounded by yarn “at work” is a dream job for her. She enjoys meeting new people, exploring new yarns and learning more about the wide world of fiber. Liz is also a massage therapist. She and her husband have two grown kids, a goldendoodle and enjoy spending time at the lake.  

Amy Sandager-Lobas

Fiber Arts Sales Associate

Amy Sandager-Lobas is a goldsmith, knitter, and crocheter. She also dabbles in needlepoint and is learning to spin. Amy is especially drawn to combining color and texture in interesting ways, whether that be with gemstones and metal, or with different fibers and colorways. Her favorite (and most complicated) fiber project in the past year has been an all-colorwork knit Norwegian sweater. Amy and her husband, Mark, just relocated to Moorhead after spending four years in California, and are excited to be back home in the Midwest! You will catch Amy working the occasional weekend and teaching classes. 

Alex Carlson

Fiber Arts Sales Associate

Alex is an avid crocheter with 10 years of experience and a favorite style of Irish lace. She recently started to knit and spin her own yarn as well. Her favorite part is playing with different textures and fibers. She has 3 cats and a dog so fur is always a part of her projects! Aside from working at the store she is also a phlebotomist and student. 

Kelly Laux

Fiber Arts Sales Associate

A self-taught crocheter of 20+ years, Kelly taught herself to knit in 2010 after joining a group of fiber crafters doing a knit-a-long. She thrives on learning new knitting and crocheting skills by testing patterns and creating samples for both designers and yarn companies. She also dabbles in spinning and dyeing yarn. You will likely find her at home with her husband and three children and a fiber project in hand.